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Recent Tabs with Your Browser offers AI-powered features to maximize efficiency and organization. It can quickly open tabs that you recently closed; keep them in a list for easy access; autosave the most-visited pages; give clear previews of recently-viewed websites; and minimize multiple instances of the same page – all within your browser. Make sure your browsing is as efficient as possible with Recent Tabs with

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SpeechEasyApp is the perfect AI solution to improve vocal performance. We use the latest technology to help voice-enabled professionals to communicate more efficiently and clearly. Our AI technology can recognize speech in any language and understand its sentiment. We feature speech-flow analysis, which can quickly detect mistakes made by the speaker and suggest how to correct them. Try our AI-driven features today and improve your vocal skills like never

and Automation categories., Chatbot, Presentations, Productivity, Prompt Generation, This site belongs to the Data Analysis, Translation is the all-in-one artificial intelligence platform for smart sales and marketing processes. It simplifies your workflow using its AI-powered document automation capabilities for generating documents with the simplest user experience. Its Machine Learning algorithms help predict customer behaviour and optimize content recommendations. Also, its automated document generation ensures 100% compliance for professional documents. Try for effortless automation and better sales

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MGR Workbench is the premier AI platform that provides a powerful suite of machine learning and data science services designed to elevate your workflow. Our platform's sophisticated AI-driven analytics capabilities give you the data you need to optimize your decision-making, saving time, money and resources. Our AI solutions make the process of data analysis and modeling simpler and more efficient, allowing you to create custom models and algorithms in record time

and Automation categories., Fun Tools, Novel Writing, belongs to Chatbot, Story Writing is an innovative AI-driven platform that helps you write stunning, captivating stories without having to lift a finger. Powered by Natural Language Generation algorithms, the platform transforms data into beautifully formatted stories, eliminating the need for tedious manual research. gives businesses the power of AI-driven storytelling, enabling them to communicate their message more effectively and quickly, while saving time and money.

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Quizwhiz.AI is the premier artificial intelligence platform for businesses and educational institutions. Our AI-powered quizzes help you personalize learning for students, analyze performance, and improve engagement. With our AI collections, you can easily curate quizzes and access reliable, accurate assessment data. Our platform makes it simple to measure student performance metrics, compare results, and make timely interventions. Try Quizwhiz