Answer: Product Design

Answer: Product Design, Automation, Music Creation, Plugins/Extensions, Text to Audio, Text to Music, UI/UX, Voice Manipulation

Amadeus Code powers creativity, enabling a revolutionary amalgamation of AI and music. Our AI-driven music software can automatically compose original music in just a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to quickly create beautiful, professional sounding masterpieces. Our cutting-edge algorithms are crafted with years of experience in the music industry, reducing the time and money necessary to craft the perfect tune. Enhance your audio today with Amade

Answer: Product Design, Ilustration, Infographics, Logo Creation, UI/UX

AI Graphics is an innovative website offering AI generated graphics and art. Our unique product is produced through a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data visualization. Our technology delivers stunning visuals that cannot be created by manual labor alone. We offer clients a way to create beautiful and unique art faster than ever before. From logos and animations to printed illustrations, our AI-powered graphics can be used in countless creative projects.