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Are you looking for a powerful and efficient way to stay organized? Improved History for Chrome is a great alternative for your browsing experience. A unique AI feature, Improved History allows you to keep tabs on your browsing history with ease! It has a simple and user-friendly interface, so you can save searches and access them with just one click. Enjoy features like timeline search, personalized search recommendations and more. Try Improved History

Plugins & Extensions., The site belongs to the following categories: Productivity

Introducing Recent History – the instant AI powered search engine that helps you stay organized and productive. Get unparalleled search speed powered by state-of-the-art AI technology to quickly find recent history items like documents, webpages, emails, articles, and even images. Quickly categorize, filter, and analyze the relevant history items with Recent History to maximize efficiency and be more productive than ever. Try it now

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The Create Google Calendar Events with AI Chrome extension helps you to save time and energy. You can quickly create events with natural language processing by extracting important details like date, time and location. Automatically set up your events and remove tedious manual entry with intelligent event scheduling. Easily organize events with AI powered smart suggestions and get accurate recommendations for an ideal event setup. Try this convenient chrome extension today!