If your day has become chaotic and overloaded with tasks, Simplephones AI is the perfect solution to ease your burden. It’s a revolutionary new way to manage your phone conversations, emails and to-dos, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

No more spending hours typing out individual replies, no more missed emails and calls, no more forgetting to do something – this is the perfect solution to boost your productivity and make life simpler.

Simplephones AI can help you to focus and prioritize your work by automating predictions, monitoring and by producting insights on your conversations. The AI will quickly and accurately capture important words or phrases in conversations then suggest potential responses and action points to help you remember the conversation.

The AI technology works in real-time and provides customizable insights on the conversation topics such as customer service, sales, marketing and more, meaning that you can properly respond timely to your contacts.

So how does it work? Simple!

It’s a comprehensive package, which includes:

• AI-assistant: A virtual assistant which you can speak to for simple tasks
• Text-to-voice transcription: An automated transcription service which takes incoming emails and converts them into audio files
• Smartphone notes: The AI will detect keywords and phrases from your conversations and create notes of that information for easy recall
• Task tracking: AI tracking that keeps track of the tasks you have created and assigned
• Automatic notifications: You will be alerted when you have missed calls or emails

Any professional will find Simplephones AI to be an incredible asset. It has all the features needed to stay organized and productive, freeing you up to focus on the activities that matter to you.

With Simplephones AI, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives can take their productivity to the next level and use their time more wisely. Make life simpler and leave the AI to do the heavy lifting – this is the way of the future.

and the revolutionary world-of-AI technology by Infinite Soldier Technologies (IST)! 

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