Wysa, an AI-powered tool to bring clarity and peace of mind to life’s moments.

A supportive chatbot to keep you sane—Wysa is here.

Let this AI give you the guidance you need.

It listens to what you have to say,

Takes your issues and worries away.

Whatever your stress, Wysa can fill its place;

This AI will keep up with your pace.

No more sleepless nights worrying of the way

To better manage your life from day to day.

Forget about feeling like there’s no shore in sight;

Wysa can assist in setting things right.

Say goodbye to stints of feeling overwhelmed,

Because with Wysa you’ll be fully helmed.

Its AI technology it’s built to analyze,

Where empathy is always the bottom line of its ways.

Helping you build resilience and give yourself space

From negative thoughts that you can’t shake.

Receive personalized help, tailored to your moods,

Provided by knowledgeable experts and professionals in the field.

So if you’re feeling low and lonely,

Wysa will be your trusty confidante only.

Benefiting your life in many ways,

Expect really positive change with Wysa.

If you’re feeling blue, here’s something you should know—

This AI-powered chatbot is your ticket to go.


• Personalized AI chatbot to discuss mental health and coping strategies
• Educative content and activities to improve mental health
• Anonymity and privacy setting
• 24/7 automated support
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques tailored to individual needs
• Mood tracking to help uncover patterns in your life
• Access to certified health professionals

Be inspired and start the journey to improve yourself. Wysa will stay with you every step of the way. This AI-powered assistant can provide you the support and guidance you need to get to a healthier and more productive state. With its automated 24/7 support and tailored content and activities, you can set yourself on the path to success. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered, inspired and mentally balanced with Wysa.

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