Towards a Smarter Future: HireYay

A future charged with automation and intelligence – it is only as good as the tools we use. Businesses want to innovate and stay ahead of the competition and need forward thinking solutions. That’s where HireYay comes in.

HireYay is a powerful AI-powered recruitment platform that helps recruiters make better hiring decisions. You can use the platform to find perfect applicants in the job market, allowing you to confidently manage team growth. If you’re looking to turbocharge the measure of your success, get to know HireYay.

When you use HireYay, you save time. HireYay automates much of the process of recruitment, including resume evaluation and vetting, making the process smoother and more organized. Additionally, it collects data like skill testing and performance reviews, helping you make informed choices when selecting from candidates.

The platform also conducts a Personality Pro® assessment, which picks up on the nuanced areas of a candidate’s skillset and other qualifications. This measures the likelihood of their success in the role, helping you make the right call.

The increasing level of automation makes the recruitment process faster. Plus, with its built-in search capabilities, you can scan through applications quickly and even search for talent beyond your local pool of applicants.

Say goodbye to the typical pain points of recruitment – HireYay’s Talent Attraction Manager feature allows you to create campaigns and target just the right set of candidates. With the combination of these AI-enabled advertised campaigns and onboarding, you’ll handle recruitment with ease and efficiency.

For small or growing businesses, large companies, and recruiters, HireYay is a powerful tool. It opens the door to a new era of recruiting, leveraging the power of AI to create a future where recruitment that is stress-free, productive, and intelligent.


• Automates resume evaluation and vetting
• Search capabilities extend locally and beyond
• Personality Pro® assessment to measure likelihood of success
• Talent Attraction Manager campaigns help target the right set of candidates


• Save time through automation
• Make informed decisions quickly when selecting from candidates
• Advertise campaigns for easy onboarding
• Streamlined, intelligent recruitment process

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